Each day I come across the giants
That call in challenge every day
I take a breath and close my eyes
There I see David stepping out before the giant
No armour or sword in his hand
Just a sling and a rock
To hear the scorn and jeers of man
Of friend and foe alike
As he faced the one
Who kings and man alike did turn
He had no worry for what he did not carry
For he walked assured that God goes before
His armour and weapons the Lord he praised
His faith the rock his sling did throw
To conquer the giant before their scorn
To overcome where others did run
When God goes before what man
Or giant could come against
SO can I approach my giants this way
Or succumb to their words and jeers
To believe there goes God before me
My armour, my shield
And His word the weapon to slay
The Giants that stand before me each day

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