The Prisoner

The Prisoner

It’s cold
Shadows crawl
Across the shattered dreams
Thrown across the floor
Empty bottles
That contain the soul
Stand as guards
Before their prisoner
Can the captive ever be free
From the cell of hopelessness
Where many fall
Before the shadows
Alone in the cold
I see this picture in my mind
A memory of where I used to be
And as a reminder of where tonight
So many will themselves will find
Trapped in a cycle of destruction
Not knowing where to turn
Not hearing the voice that calls
The one that calls their name
Only one truly conquers hopelessness
Only one can defeat their fears
His hand awaits
The one so scarred
By the nails that we drive
But it is the hand that can offer new life
We pray, we hope
That they can take hold
Even if they cannot see
That hand that holds eternal life
The hand that can truly set them free

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