Lord, Here I Am – Psalm 136:26

Lord, Here I Am – Psalm 136:26

Lord, here I am
Standing in the light of Your love
Overwhelmed by Your grace
And the mercy shown to this soul

I coundn’t stand
Until You came to pick me up
I chose not to live
Until You told me to hold on

Lord, here I am
Living in Your steadfast love
Renewed by Your word
Giving thanks for the love that endures forever

Psalm 136:26

Psalm 136:26

2 thoughts on “Lord, Here I Am – Psalm 136:26

  1. Cattie's World

    This is called STRONG FAITH IN THE LORD. You have to trust him Entirely. Then only your prayers are answered.
    I give Thanks to the Good Lord for his Full Support to me. We should be Patient, because Everything has a Time in God’s Plan.
    I was praying for 1 year for the horrible MD of our Company to go, and its only when I started Praying Positively, that his transfer letter came and he is going now.
    Trust and Thank God, for he the Only One who can hold our Hand, while we walk through Life.


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