From The Garden

From The Garden

Did I leave you with in the garden?
As You prayed for this world
I drifted to my own world of dreams
And time and again I left You there
To carry the cup of this world alone

Did I deny You come the morning?
As dawn rose from the darkness of night
And there they asked and I turned my face
To walk away as You stood before them
Abandoned and alone I left You to stand

Do we deny You when the kingdom comes?
Asking who we are day after day
Do we leave You there to pray before the Father?
Scattered we run far from where we are called to be
When will be stand and say we are Yours always?

So now I come to You in my humble self
I take to my knees and pray at Your side
You never leave me and I promise I won’t leave You
Today I will tell them that I’m one of Your flock
Today they will know that I belong to You

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