Be Still

Be Still

In endless moments
Of empty thoughts
In the abandoned spaces
Of the corners of my mind
Where weariness reigns
In tired thinking
Is there a way?
Can there be an opening?
To release a mind
Consumed in the emptiness
Where nothing grows
Dreams wither and die
Can I escape?
Will I find a way?
But I’ve been here before
I called into the night
Let me die
Let me not wake
If this is living
It’s a step I can’t take
But He answered me
My Lord high of Heaven
In a voice loud and clear
He said to me

This you must walk through
I need you to see this to the end
I can’t take this away
But I walk through it with you
I won’t let you fall
I’ll never leave your side
And one morning you will awake
This all will have gone away
Hope will fill the spaces
Love consume your thoughts
This is my promise
This is my will
Hold tight for I am here
And I have strength enough for two
My grace will be sufficient
My love your guide to the light
This is just a moment
Soon to be passing by
The open skies will shine so bright
And you will sing out to the morning
Of a journey taken in the night
Of a trial defeated by faith
My love to you my child
Just hold tight to me tonight
Tomorrow we’ll make it through to the morning
Be still
And let me carry the fight

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