Washed Away

Washed Away

Love washed away by the poison river
Like an autumn leaf on the growing stream
Lost to the horizon
Struggling upon the surface
Until out of view
Simply washed away

And now we move upon differing streams
Tides carry us upon destinations changing
Never to merge to a great river?
Running away from the great heart
Until out of view
Once more washed away

How long before this tides becomes too strong
Pulled beneath the surging rapids
Gasping for air with every breath
Slammed against the rocks
Until out of view
Completely wash away

Who will rescue me from the flood
I’ve seen this before and I don’t come back
Is there a hand that can take me as before?
Or is this end near
Until out of view
I’m wash away

2 thoughts on “Washed Away

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  2. remembertheprisonersblog

    I tweeted this and re-posted it on my blog because I think it was a powerful reminder of how fragile we are are. I pray in Jesus name on your behalf that you remain strong in the faith and never waiver, knowing that He who is within you is greater he who is in the world. Thank you for this wonderful and beautiful poem, it is awesome!


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