Mind’s Path – Hosea 14:9

Mind’s Path – Hosea 14:9

Maybe my mind
Is not the greatest
Sometimes it wanders
Along paths unknown
Yet my heart holds to Him
And my soul burns with His fire
Let my mind be filled with His word
Let it journey upon the pathway He sets
So my heart can sing ever louder
And my soul can burn so bright
That other minds upon a lost path
May look up and see it shine

Hosea 14:9

Hosea 14:9

One thought on “Mind’s Path – Hosea 14:9

  1. carolineturriff

    Great that you have such strong faith that must really help you in life. I still pray although I am not sure whether I believe in God but I believe in something bigger than myself and ourselves as individuals on this planet. I’m not sure what but whenever I am in trouble with my addictions or mental health problems I always pray. Thanks for following my blog. 🙂


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