What is it in the nature of man
The make him the destroyer
His nature to tear things down
He has no heart of the Creator
Deep inside jealousy burns
Over and over
Till he seeks to pull it down
All that has been built
That doesn’t match his thought
But they can fire their bullets
Set the fuses on their bombs
From these ashes human life will rise again
Still the true destroyer comes from their tongue
Like a sword dressed in flame
They wield their words
Dark words will tear upon every man’s soul
One word can bring terror to a child
One word can destroy the image of a man
Yet still they wield words like stones
Cast from their mighty sling
From the keyboard or the mouth
Their words can cut the soul in two
Break a man forever
Young girls who don’t look the same
Young boys who don’t act the same
Should they be questioning their life
How can they consider their belonging
In response to their tasteless words
How can they destroy
What the Lord our creator has made
A precious soul destroyed by a word
How can we let them win
Bullies with a keyboard
Haters with a voice
When will they hear His word
One greater than their own
When will their jealous heart fade
To let the light of God shine
When will their voice fall silent
To let the word of God be heard
Has this world lost it’s way
To allow this to continue
To gives these fools a soapbox
From which to scream their ugly words
I pray for the day
The Lord God casts them down
From the soapbox to their knees
So they will see His face
To hear a voice beyond their own
A voice of love to forgive their sins
Bringing peace to their jealous hearts
When will that voice fall silent
So I can hear my God once again
I pray that voice fall silent
And I can live once more

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