Battle Of Shadow And Light

Battle Of Shadow And Light

I will not fall
In the battle that rages
Between the shadows and the light
For this I know
When Christ rose from the grave
He trampled death beneath His feet
The ashes of sin
Crushed with His every step
Upon the cross He gave Himself
To defeat the shadows of all men
The veil was torn
So we could see the face
Of the Father of us all
So we could hear the voice
That declares to us
He gave His Son to bring victory to us all
We will all have battles
Within the war between shadow and light
But we face them with Christ inside
The One who rose to conquer death
The One who assures the victory of light
So be still for a while
Stand silent and hear His voice
The hope of heaven for us all
Victory is to come my friend
Through Christ this will be won

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