Don’t Fear The Emptiness

Don’t Fear The Emptiness

Days will come
And flow into nothingness
Where an empty soul
Carries a burden of emptiness
Upon roads so lonely
Silence surrounds
Cold runs through the veins
Where has hope gone
Sure you held it once
Now it fades to emptiness
A soul lost within its grip
Harsh though the steps go
I promise you never take it them alone
At your side walks the Son
Who defeated death and fear
Before the eyes of the world
There upon mercy’s cross
He steps where you step
He goes where you go
Never do you walk alone
Though you feel an emptiness of soul
He can fill the void
Turn your eyes to Him
The One who holds your hand
No matter where you go
So don’t fear the emptiness
You’ll never thrive in nothingness
But hold tight to the Christ
The One who’ll fill your soul
Emptiness will fall
When Christ is in your heart
So these days won’t last forever
There is glory yet to come

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