If I Say Goodbye

If I Say Goodbye

If I say goodnight right now
Will that be my end
Would this be the very end
Will I end when it comes to the wave
My hands tremble at my side
Fighting an urge to rip out this heart
But what good would that do
Who is it I could be
Will these words
I will never be enough
Glisten red upon my arms
A cross drips crimson over my chest
Is this what I become
If I say goodbye tonight
Will this all come crashing down
The ruins I created to finally fall
Will the blood run over me
Not the blood of my own
But that of Christ that ran upon the cross
Will this be what I see
If I say goodbye this night
The face of Christ stood before
To raise me up once again
Death will be beaten
Fear will have no place
When I stand in the presence of Christ
And I remember who I am
Who it is I was saved to be
No goodbye will ever be final
Just a word to ring through the night
Tomorrow will come and I will rise again
No blood of my own
Only that of Christ

3 thoughts on “If I Say Goodbye

    1. waynemali Post author

      Hi Mindy
      Thank you, but no I’m not saying goodbye, the poem is about my fears of what is happening here at home, it may not be long now before Victoria leaves the house with the kids and I will be alone, I dread that goodbye and I pray everyday that I don’t have to say the words and things here will change, I will keep praying until that day and beyond.


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