On The Shore

On The Shore

I find myself
Upon a distant shore
Not one created for me to be
I look around there’s no one here
Footsteps indistinguishable within the sand
Just circles of chaos my feet have made
I’m tired and alone out here
And inland seems just darkness and fear
So here I am stranded on isolation’s shore
Weary I fall to my knees
Where the gentle waves brush my skin
And cast my eyes out to the yonder seas
With hope I pray for to Him walk
Upon the tides that come my way
Beckoning for me to step out to Him
To my saviour like the morning light
Here my faith is put to the test
If I step out upon the waves
Is my belief enough to carry me
Or will the shifting waters pull me beneath
So can I stand and walk to Him
Or will I cower and just wait
Until my Jesus comes to rescue me
Because I don’t know just what to do
And my destiny still remains to be seen
One thing I know is I won’t stay here forever

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