A Candle’s Flame

A Candle’s Flame

Here I sit
Quietly somber
Life around me
But I don’t see their faces
I’m not looking
I can’t lift my eyes
My voice is silent
It will not speak
Worries consume
And I am lost
I look only to the burning candle
That sits between us all
And there it is
A dancing flickering flame
Igniting the worries within this brain
Lost and alone
In a room full of friends
The only thing I can see
The only thing that means anything to me
Is the hope I seek within the candle’s flame
I long to see the Son of Man
There within the flame with me
To hear His voice say

It’s all okay
The end becomes the beginning
In me what dies becomes new life
And when we step out of these flames
Your world will be anew
You’ll see the faces your heart refuses to see
You’ll see the life your soul refuses to believe
And I’m with you
Beyond the end of forever
So don’t let go
We will make out of here together

But I’m still taken
By my fate within the flame
Those around me oblivious to my pain
I can’t see them
And I can no longer hear
I’m just looking for my saviour
Hoping is with me in the flame

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