Mourning The Passing Of Time

Mourning The Passing Of Time

Can we see time
Can we reach out
To touch each second
Yet we mourn the passing
Of every wasted moment
Lost to ourselves
Never to return
And the losing cuts the soul
Scratches at the heart
We wish we had time
To return unto the past
Rebuilding what was broken
Putting it right before it’s wrong
But I don’t have the time
It’s slowly running out
And still I mourn its passing
When I should be looking to the future
With eyes fixed on the One
The One who is beyond all time
Who’s promises last beyond eternity
Where I have a future so secure
But I can’t see this now
I only mourn the passing of time
A tear for every moment
Lost forevermore
And the more I hold on
The more I’m lost in time

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