My Lies

My Lies

I’m so sick from lying
To the people in my world
Those that ask how I am
To whom I reply that I am fine
But deep inside my heart is torn
My soul hangs dying slowly
My voice falls silent
Behind invisible tears
While I try to smile
To hold back the sobbing
And the falling of tears from my face
But I still can’t be open about my heart
How it’s torn be my shattered dreams
I pray and I dream
And I hold on tight
To the One whom raised me
From my own death
But today I fall behind a painted face
A smile that shines
Though I beg to cry
How long must I stand here and lie
When will my heart pour forth it’s truth
To someone other than the One who saves
But to the ones who stand with me
To the ones who pray for me
The ones who look out for my heart
Yet still I hide it behind my face of lies

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