So Alone And So Afraid

So Alone And So Afraid

These paradise dreams
Full of blue skies
The shadow never existed
And here we are all running
Together still and forever
In fields of green
Below the golden skies
Where all our love never ends
I can touch the skies above
The places together we will fly

But here I am
So alone and so afraid
Only the shadows rise
As the dreams fade
With the coming of the darkness
All I have hope for
All I have dreamed
So close to never being
Why couldn’t I have just died
That day by my own hand
What is it that God saved me for
Because I can’t seem to find it
And I can’t see what it is I’m supposed to be
I need the Father now more than ever
In need for word to fill this heart
For now it feels like a hole deep within
And I’m losing myself once again
Someone tell me just who I’m supposed to be
And what it is I was saved to do

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