Verse of the Day – Micah 7:7

Micah 7:7

Micah 7:7

Three weeks ago I felt like I was in the pit of despair, all I could do was pray and wait on the Lord, now I can say I feel like I have had the best Christmas in years.  Against all the anxiety, everything has come right, thanks to the Lord.  Now I feel that the coming New Year is going to be a great year of growth for me.

I pray that you all have a great New Year.

I have heard a sound
Coming on the wind
Changing hearts and minds
Healing brokenness
I feel a generation
Breaking through despair
I hear a generation
Full of faith declare

And our song, it will be
Out of the darkness, we will rise and sing

He is faithful, he is glorious and
He is jesus, and all my hope is in him
He is freedom , he is healing right now, he is hope and joy, love and peace and life

I have seen a light
Like the break of dawn
Giving blind men sight
Letting lame men walk
I see a generation
With resurrection life
We are a generation
Filled with the power of christ

He has paid the highest price
He has proven his great love for us
We will praise him with our lives
And proclaim our love for him

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