In a place where only darkness
Clothed the night
No future before
No hope inside
A desolate mind
Lost within a cry
Empty rooms echoed lost voices
Night so quiet
Darker than ever
How can I make it through this?
The only sound was a teardrops fall

I cried, I cried
Over shoulders and upon chests
Lost within their warm embrace
Tears fell at the sound of their prayers
They were with me though I was lost
It could all change
If I looked to His face
I could be found
If I called His name
The time is now
The moment is here

Within His shelter I was found
Beneath His wings I discovered myself
Hope renewed for this life
The dreams not dead
My soul has just come to life
There’ll be a time
When all is revealed
His mighty promise will come alive
But I made it through
I watched the dark subside
And the healing light shine bright

Where am I now?
And how is it I feel?
I am so alive
So filled with hope
For the first time in ten
I see hope for this year
A Christmas spent total content
It looked so bad
Yet still the best in years
I thank my Lord for His love
I thank His kingdom for their support

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