Inner Moments

Inner Moments

Inner moments
Quiet sanctum
So much space
Swirling empty
Can a soul
Ever be found

Silent tears
Louder cries
Soul torn in two
Echoing sobs
Lost in the night
Can anyone hear
Only One
Just our Lord
Who listens
In the darkness night

He who hears
Holds you dear
Never leaving your side
Space filled
Souls fulfilled
Tears captured
Within His jar
He cries also
At your side
As He holds so tight

Lift your eyes
Look to Him
Feel the emptiness
In time subside
The world will open
Greater wide
With the goodness
Of God’s love

Now inner moments
Of quiet sanctum
Spent within His arms
No soul broken
Hearts bound
Tears fall
In love’s joy
Grace conquers
Mercy reigns
Beneath the shadows
Of God’s wings

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