Splinters & Thorns

Splinters & Thorns

So here I be
Down on my knees again
Head in hands
Just searching for a sign
And there I see a cross
Standing high upon the hill
Pure white stained red
As You gave it up for me
And I just wish
I just hope
That I can reach out
And touch that cross
Upon which my saviour hung
To take just a splinter
Just a slither of the wood
To hold within my hand
But just for a moment
Until I place the splinter
Deep within my side
For I have too many thorns
Stuck within my flesh
Reminding me of the pain
My selfish pride led me through
I need a new reminder
Of the power of Your cross
A constant feeling within
That You defeated it all
All the pain
And all the death
Conquering grave
Laying an end to sin
So I’m reaching for Your cross
Hoping for that splinter
To conquer all my thorns
Leading me into hope
Surrounding me in grace

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