The Last Fight

The Last Fight

How long has it been
Since he met and loved her soul
Childhood through it all
Hand in hand they’ve conquered all
Their love for each other
Second only to their God
But it’s come to this
Nearly time to let go

Fighting over two tough years
He’s nursed her every need
All the while they prayed together
For Her cancer the Father to heal
And to ease all of her pain
Still she lived a life
She carried on
Buried the pain deep behind a smile

Still now she knows it’s time to rest
The fight is almost over
She’s being called home
He understands even though it hurts
Let the pain fall
So she can peacefully sleep

And at the moment she closes her eyes
Her spirit leaves this earth
Led by angels up to heaven
There he closes his eyes and prays
This fight is finally over
His beloved will never feel pain again
He stilled believed the Lord could heal her
But he knows it was just her time
To dance among the angels
Until they meet again

To her hand he holds so tightly
As his tears fall upon her skin
Lord I commit unto You her heart
Let it shine as bright in heaven
As it shone upon this life of mine
Until the day I see her again
Tell her that I love her so

Goodbye my dear
Keep shining bright
One day we will be together
To dance under heavens light

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