I guess I’ve walk so far
It’s easy to forget
Where I was
And how I felt
The darkness
The brokenness
Where a soul was split in two
And a heart shattered into tiny pieces
Still You my Lord
You found me there
And began the healing of my soul
Now no place darker could come against
Not when I remember
Just where You found me
No pain greater could set within
No addiction harder could take hold
Because I was found at my end
And raised to life again
So when things get hard
When the pain starts to grow
And the lights go dark
I remember
I remember the day
You took all that pain away
I remember what You did
And I start to cry
Tears of joy for Your great love
That found me there
And rescued me
So what can come against
Where could I find myself
Where You couldn’t save me
Where You couldn’t find me

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