Silencing The Silent Screams

Silencing The Silent Screams

I never let the world hear
I keep them raging silently within
Every scream buried so deep
In my mind and in my heart
Sending shivers through my soul
Who would see what’s hid inside
All I never wanted them to see
But the Lord saw and called to me
He knew He was the way
The way for a broken man
To rise above his life
To find the light above the pain
To release what was hidden inside
Then my pain rang out loud
The tears fell below the light
Still heaven saw and the angels sang
A song of grace and of mercy
And every word, every lyric
Fell upon my being
Silencing the screams forever
And there I found the way
I promise you all there is a way
Out from where you are
From the screams within the dark
Hold on, hold on tighter
The Lord is coming
Is coming to bring you home

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