5 Years Sober

It’s hard to believe that it’s five years since I last had a drink, especially when you consider it was hard to get through a day without a drink.  The truth was, that after seeking help with a phone call to Gareth, I began to gain a level of control.

Then once I began praying to the Lord for help, I began to dislike the taste, it did nothing for me anymore, that initial relief of the first drink of the night, it wasn’t there anymore, the refreshing taste was gone, it began to taste like vinegar, each night it got worse.

So on 29th March 2012 I decided that if I didn’t like the taste of the first drink, then that would be it, no more!

I am thankful to say that it was the worst pint I had ever had, it tasted awful!

And I haven’t had a drink since that night, there have been some big tests of my resolve, but the Lord has seen me through it each time and I remain sober!

Psalm 34:4

Psalm 34:4

I will ever be thankful to God for answering my prayers, for finding my at my depths and delivering me to a new life.  I am thankful for all the members of His kingdom that He led me to, without them, this journey would have been so much harder.

This is just the start, five years it just a ripple, the journey now is really just beginning and I can’t wait to see where it leads me.

Thank you for the summer
Thank you for the rain
And thank you for the pleasure
Thank you for the pain
Thank you for the flowers that bloom early may
And thank you for the winter that washes for the rain

I wanna say thank you
I wanna say thank you
And thank you for it all

Thank you for the desert
Thank you for the tree’s
And thank you for the bearers
And for the victory
Thank you for the groaning that gives me room to grow
Thank you for the seasons where i learn to reap and soul
I wanna say thank you
I wanna say thank you

I wanna say thank you
I wanna say thank you

Thank you for it all
So come let us worship
Let us release a jamboree sound

Let us enter his presence
Let us all bow down
Let us enter his presence
Let us all bow down

5 thoughts on “5 Years Sober

  1. leftnfree

    Congratulations Wayne on your 5 year journey of sobriety! God has led you on an amazing journey of healing as well. I thank you for sharing with us each day pieces of the journey! Through you and your journey others will recover as well!!! Continue healing through Abba! He loves you so much!!!

  2. WordwithMindy

    Congratulations Wayne on your 5-yr milestone recovery! I know that it takes pure guts some days, along with continued prayer and communication with God to accomplish these great stepping stones. Praying for your pure guts and God-communication to be ever present in your life! Godspeed! ❤


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