Time spent wandering aimlessly
Knocking upon doors
That never received me
The only place that with open arms
Would ever receive me
Was deep at the bottom of the bottle
I was blind
And my ears distorted
I could hear the words
But always turned my face

It took the edge of death
To bring me to life
My eyes were opened
I could see the door
The door wide open
That I had ran from so many times
Where the Father stood with open arms
Waiting for me to come home
To release me from my chains

In open arms my heart fell
Clothed in the love of the beloved Son
The One who gave His life for my soul
Now held me same within arms
I came home to the Father’s heart
Felt the love which I’d searched so hard
All my addiction just fell away
I rose again
Now I could see
The Son who for died for me

One thought on “Home

  1. claire

    Your posts always inspire me with hope. You see someone I know and care for suffers a strong addiction to alcohol and if they don’t stop soon they’ll die. I have tried as have all that love them to persuade them to get help to no avail, but as your posts bring out, what is impossible to man is possible with God. Thanks for sharing there are so many that need to hear.


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