Rebuilding The Ruins

Rebuilding The Ruins

I have been hiding
Here among the broken ruins
That were created by my lies
Just waiting for a magic wand
To rebuild everything I’ve broken
I was left lying on the floor in the dust
Where my tears left a stain

But now I’ve awoken
By the mighty hand of God
My eyes have been opened wide
That I no longer see these ruins
Block by block, stone by stone
I’m rebuilding this city of mine
By the strength of grace and love
I can rebuild this to be new

The dust has gone
These floors of bright stone
Shine within the light of His glory
The Son is here by my side
Now I truly know that He never left
This part of His kingdom is rising high
With His strength I place these stones
To rebuild a life that once was broken
Yet by Grace has been made alive

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