Risen King

Risen King

I saw the crowds gathered
Heard the roars of their hatred
I saw the sins of men
Woven to a crowd of thorns
And placed upon the Son of God
I followed as they mocked
As the Son of Man struggled to carry His cross
I followed at a distance
Not wanting to get involved
I saw them raise Him in the light of day
As the blood ran down that cross
Mercy’s tree was stained that day
As humanity just looked on
In death the skies turned black
The earth below trembled
As the heaven’s above rumbled
Still the veil was torn
Our sins removed and forgotten
And for a while I looked on
With the unknowing crowd
Until He called my name
And said He did this for me

And now I see the stone
Rolled away to let light flood my life
A tomb that couldn’t hold Him
From death He walked into the light of day
A glorious sight
Our saviour, our risen King
The One who took the cross
And the nails of our sins
To conquer death for us
From darkness came light
To illuminate our path
The word became life
Our life becomes the word
And now I raise my hands
To the glory of His name
My praise and thanks
To our Risen King

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