I’ve Been There – Psalm 37:3-7

I’ve Been There – Psalm 37:3-7

Ever fallen in the dark
Where You feel no one will go
All alone
Desperate for air
Such a none believer
All hope had left the soul
Take it from me
I’ve been there
Where life felt such a chore
Wishing for the end of the world
There is a way out my friend
I promise you this
Only One carries enough hope
To rescue your wounded soul
To bring you back to life
My God, my Father
He was my way
He found me in that darkness
And brought me to a bright new day
Trust in Him
Hope in Him
Don’t worry for those who label you
With names you never deserved
You are more than they could ever say
Because my child
You are HIS

Psalm 37:3-7

Psalm 37:3-7

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