Lucky Escape

Apologies to regular readers, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to post my usual verse based poem and verse of the day observations.

I can definitely say I have had better days, it was all going fine until shortly before lunch, when I went into the yard at work to put some things into the skip, I observed one of the forklift trucks unloading a lorry and gave it a wide birth as I went across the yard. At least I thought I had.

The next thing I know the truck is right there backing towards me and then it hit me, it all happened so quickly that I am not sure what actually happened, but it hit my left leg pretty hard, I’m honestly not sure it was run over or not and then my right foot was pinned under the back wheel of the truck.

Immediately an ambulance was called for as I screamed in pain and rolled around the floor swearing profusely. I calmed down and the only thing that was really bothering me, apart from the pain, is the fact that tomorrow afternoon I am going on holiday with the kids, it looked at that point as if it wasn’t going to be.

Soon a paramedic arrived and then the Air Ambulance arrived, followed by an ambulance and a policewoman! Everyone seemed to be gathered around me as I lay in pain on the floor.

The paramedics and ambulance people were convinced my leg was badly broken. They gave me pain killers, which numbed things a little, then put me into the ambulance, the Air Ambulance wasn’t considered necessary, it was just in the area and responded to the call. They treat crush injuries by forklift trucks pretty seriously.

They rushed me to Nottingham Queens Medical Centre and I was put in A & E. I was sent into X-Ray, they took quite a few of both legs and then I went back to A & E. The Doctors said they was no break in either the leg or the ankle, although there may be a slight fracture in my left leg, they will know more when the swelling reduces.

I’ve been kept in over night to check for Compartment Syndrome, which is excess swelling due to the blood build up, which in severe cases needs to be cut open to relieve the pressure, worse case it could lead to amputation.

So currently I sat in my hospital bed, bored. But thankful that I was protected from something that could have taken my life, forklift trucks aren’t usually very forgiving.

My friend, Ally, has been this afternoon and brought my kids to see me this evening. I texted him from the ambulance to tell him and asked for prayer from him and others from our Church. The hardest part was trying to word the text in a way that didn’t sound like a joke. “Pray for me, I’ve been run over by a forklift!” This would make me laugh!!!

Hopefully I will be allowed out tomorrow evening and I can go on holiday just a day late. It may not be quite the same, but we are going regardless.

All prayers would be greatly appreciated, my leg throbs and I’m not sure how I am going to get to sleep with it, so prayers for peace and no further complications would be welcome.

I am thankful to my God this evening, that I still have everything intact and most importantly my life, He was definitely watching over me this morning.

Hopefully tomorrow evening I can get back to normal service and write my daily posts.

5 thoughts on “Lucky Escape

  1. nightshade130

    OMG! Thank God you are alright! It could have been much worse but praise God for preserving your life. The most important thing is that your kids didn’t lose you (their father). I pray that God gives you a speedy recovery.


  2. waynemali Post author

    Thank you for your messages, they are greatly appreciated. I didn’t get a good nights sleep, I maybe got a couple of hours total, firstly I could find a comfortable position for my legs and secondly every noise kept me awake, including a couple of noisy fellow patients. I am truly bored now and hoping they I’ll send me home soon.


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