The Prisoner – Revelation 2:10

The Prisoner – Revelation 2:10

Walls of depression
Enclose me so
The voice of he
Invades my soul
An emptiness
Upon my mind
Further slipping
To colder floor
Thinking in circles
Of nothingness
He has me
Dragging a prisoner
To the gates of hell
My only hope
In darkened rooms
The faith I remember
From bleaker times
Cry His name
Cry it now
To open doors
Break out the light
The angels cry
Walls break wide
At the coming of the light
Which nothing breaks
Nothing bends
Shadows shudder
Darkness runs
The light of Christ
Holds dominion over all
So here I lay
Darkness gone
Grace where nothingness dwelt
Circles of emptiness
Now beating hearts
The prison falls
It’s guard deserted
Free again
Now to move on
Released by grace
Loved by Christ

Revelation 2:10

Revelation 2:10

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