Ruins In The Sand – 2 Kings 22:4-7

Ruins In The Sand – 2 Kings 22:4-7

There’s broken walls all around
Where ruins lay
That once stood proud
Mighty stones
Once of a temple
That held the love of God
Was that you?
Are you scattered?
In pieces destroyed
Lost beneath the sands
Sands time that pass you by
Once so strong
Now just destroyed
Where did it all go wrong?
How did it come to this?
Scattered walls
Of a fallen heart
Who once believed
All could be rebuilt
All could be remade
By the hand of the Maker
The master potter
Who breathes life
Into dust and bone
He who formed the stones
Of your shattered temple
The heart and soul
That once held Him so
I stand with you
Amongst these ruins
With my hands
I will start to gather
These stones together
One by one
Stone by stone
My God with me
Our God with us
The temple will stand once again
Tall and proud
Beneath the sun and stars
The temple of a heart
So full of God
For out faithful Lord
He who made the world
Will see this rise
From shifting sands
To stand again
Before the world

2 Kings 22:4-7

2 Kings 22:4-7

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