Root And Vine – John 15:5

Root And Vine – John 15:5

I’m running from here
From where I need to be
From sight fades
The root and vine
How can I bud?
How can I flower?
Nothing left so far from home
No longer fruit to give
Where I am
I cannot tell
Not really home
Still this isn’t hell
Clouds I see
No stars for the night
Still so far
From root and vine
Under these clouds
I hear their voices
So many here
So man y lost
Far from home
Their cries for hope
All lost in the night
Still I hear them all
From where I am
Still so far from root and vine
I’ve nothing to give
No hope to find
How can I help them?
When I’m so far from home
How can I feed them
Truth of the vine
When here I am
So far from root and vine
So I join the calls
I join the cries
Find me my Jesus
So I can flower
To turn to fruit
To feed their hope
And lead them home
To root and vine

John 15:5

John 15:5

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