The Cutting

The Cutting

Can she find another space
To make another cut
Can she find another moment
Just to feel okay
Just a fleeting glimpse
Of how it is to feel
To release all the emptiness
Even if for just a second
For nobody is listening
Nobody can understand
What it takes to break the skin
Where a mind is that takes it there
She’s just searching for a feeling
One just to feel okay
For the world has turned it face
Without ever understanding
Just a silly girl they say
Is she crying out of attention
Or just crying for it’s all she feels
All the pictures of this world
Of how she should look
Just twists the mind further
Driving a blade only deeper
Don’t she know she’s beautiful
In the eyes of her Maker
Loved within a Father’s arms
He who cries with every cut
If she just could see His face
Maybe the blade would slowly fall
And those moments pass by
Without a cut at all

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