Empty Heart, Diminishing Soul

Empty Heart, Diminishing Soul

Empty heart
Diminishing soul
This crack in my heart
Where my faith seeps
Emptying slowly
I feel the tears come
I fear them well
As I stand beside the crowd
Set aside I try to hide
I fight the coming tears
Yet still I try to hide
But I sing how I can
Maybe quiet and withdrawn
But I praise with what I have left
Even with this emptying heart
All the faith I still hold
I put into those few words
Now I write of how I feel
On the edge of silent tears
Still hoping this will turn
This emptiness will be filled
And I will feel again
An emotion other than emptiness
A feeling other than solitude
For now I’ll sing as I can
With just what I have left
Fighting tears beside the crowd
Hoping never to be seen
Here but all alone
Where my diminished soul
Leads me to be

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