The Mirror

The Mirror

Broken dreams
Fragments of a mirror
Upon the floor
Cracked hopes
Shards of glass
To cut the feet
Upon the paths
I will walk
The mirror lies
Of who I am
Broken soul
Empty heart
The glass is cracked
The mirror lies
Shards are missing
Leaving bits unseen
No longer whole
Left in pieces
Is it broken?
Hopes like mirrors
Are they shattered?
Dreams in the glass
Or is this my view?
The broken view
All in my mind?
The mirror is gone
Long since taken
This view of shattered
In my soul
Broken dreams
Of my mind
Smashed hopes
Of my heart
For He took the mirror
Said I was more
I still search
For the brokenness within
The mirror I hold
In this empty mind
Set me free
From the broken view
The mirror lies
Holds me back
He says to me
I am more
Let it go
And know I am
A child of God
Made in His image
Not the broken mirror’s

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