Fallen Bottles

Fallen Bottles

You can take the bottle from a man
But can you take the man from the bottle
Tortured both day and night
When the dreams come
It hard to tell what’s wrong or right
It’s like this divided soul
Is tortured by the night

All the guilt comes to the surface
From a gentle slumber it starts to rise
But the bottle fell and I hold it no more
Why now rise in dreams of the night
It’s happened before but long ago
When the bottles fall was so new
Yet now their back to torture me
Will this divided soul
Ever get away

As Christmas comes I hide at home
While all go out to celebrate
I hide into the coming night
Yet the screens I see show me the bottle
Across the media it signals to the mind
And I turn away and hide
Trying to clear this commercialised mind
And not get washed away

So here I cry out asking why
Why this all rises once again
Oh my Lord You took away the bottle
Together we watched it fall
It’s hold was broken and I was free
To live and breath
But now I’m suffocating
By the visions of the night
And this commercial world

Oh my Lord
Set me free
Let me out
The prison walls are closing in
Break them down
Let me see the broken bottles
That I witnessed when they fell
And feel
Free once again

1 thought on “Fallen Bottles

  1. seekingdivineperspective

    This seems to be written by someone who is trying to make it alone. Of course, a Christian is never totally alone, but most of the time Jesus works through His people. I don’t know how I would have survived my problems without a church that loved and prayed for me. Now when the holidays come, I’m not hiding at home alone, I’m with my brothers and sisters in Christ. We sing about His birth, pray for one another, and just enjoy being together as His family. I hope you have a church like that. If not, you need to find one.
    You have a gift for writing poignant poems, but if this one is true, please get into a fellowship that can help you through these times. Chances are someone needs you, too. We’re all in this together, that’s why He gave us one another. (Sorry to meddle, but the struggle you describe just sounds so familiar, I hate to think of anyone else having to go through it..)
    Have a blessed CHRISTmas.


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