A Heart Exposed – Psalm 61:2-5

A Heart Exposed – Psalm 61:2-5

Where the winds keep changing
Ever from strong to chilled
A heart exposed
Cries out to You
I’ve stood before
On the strength of higher rock
And under the shelter
Of Your mighty wings
Lord I cry again
Lead me there
Safe from these changing winds
To the rock of safety
Where I’ve stood before

Psalm 61:2-5

Psalm 61:2-5

3 thoughts on “A Heart Exposed – Psalm 61:2-5

  1. Kristi Ann

    Amen-Amein Great Brother in Christ-Messiah Jesus-Yeshua Wayne!!

    I Love You all Everyone through our LORD / KING / MESSIAH / SAVIOUR – Jesus-Yeshua Christ!!

    My Heart Poem!!

    Be careful with my heart,
    I gave it to you for safe keeping,
    It’s a very fragile and weak heart that gets hurt real easy,
    Why is this too be,
    My heart was a nice heart,
    Ask my doctors who moved my heart and lungs around,
    God only knows why my heart hurts all so bad,
    Trusting, Believing, and safe satisfaction that someone will take care of it,
    My heart believes in Love and Security,
    Caring of others to no end,
    Why is my heart so low and sad,
    It will heal in time,
    With ever-loving tender kindness,
    Please be kind to my Heart,
    It Loves you too no end.!!

    Copyright ©
    March 11th, 2001

    Kristi Ann

    P.S. I Wrote about my Birth defect Surgery from 1965 Read more here ~> ( https://kristiann1.com/2013/10/15/mydisa/ )!!


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