Who Am I? – Psalm 139:1-3

Who Am I? – Psalm 139:1-3

Who am I?
To try to escape
To pull the covers over
And turn myself away

Who am I?
To run for cover
To hide between the trees
Where I’m desperate not to be seen

Who am I?
To wish this was over
To turn off the lights
And sleep for the rest of forever

For You know
The insides of my soul
The wishes in my mind
For a tomorrow greater than now

For You know
The beating of my heart
The dreams that fade away
For a future that could matter

For You know
The struggles of my mind
The hopes that I still hold
For a life outside the shadows

For You know
For You hold me
For You search me
For You love me

Psalm 139:1-3

Psalm 139:1-3

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