The Question – Matthew 19:21-22

The Question – Matthew 19:21-22

Would I give it all away and follow?
Is that a command I could carry out?
I don’t have much in this life
But still
Would I give all I have?
If He asked me to?
I’m not sure this is a question I can answer
Not until the day He may ask me so
For now I’ll give all I am within
And find comfort in the love
He bestows on me

Matthew 19:21-22

Matthew 19:21-22

2 thoughts on “The Question – Matthew 19:21-22

  1. 🌴🌺🇹🇹🌊Tammy7711🌴🌺🇹🇹🌊

    Hmm pretty tough question but I don’t have nothing really anyway accept for Jesus. He’s forever. What’s here is temporal. He will be asking many of the rich this in this dark hour. Many will respond like the young man in this scripture sadly but many will forsake all and come to Him too. Blessings & grace brother. May we always be ready to forsake that which is nothing for everything, that which is Christ. ❤


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