Where The Broken People Go – Psalm 32:10

Where The Broken People Go – Psalm 32:10

Where was I
In all my misery
Lost and becoming
Becoming so alone
And who can find
A broken man
Not wanting to be found
Only One

The Father of all
The Father of all

Knows where
Where the broken people go
And even there
They can hide no more
There He brings the light
For them to find
There in the brokenness
Let the light be held
For there is the unfailing
The unfailing love
Of a Father
Who knows
All of His children
And where they go
So when they know
When they trust
Having found the light
In the place
Where only the broken go
They’ll never be the same
Not ever again
Never left alone
To go to the places
Only the broken
Believe they go alone

Psalm 32:10

Psalm 32:10

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