A Man Alone – Isaiah 41:10

A Man Alone – Isaiah 41:10

A man once fell
Yet there was no one
No one around
He had no strength
To lift himself up
He cried, he cried
Won’t somebody help
Still no one came running
No one at all
The sun and the rains
In turn beat down
The winds and the storms
Battered him once more
Still nobody came
To this man on the floor
He dreamed of a time
He would rise again
To be counted as human
A man of this world
And not left behind
Or a man alone
But all hope faded
As dark came the nights
How long passed?
Days, maybe months
And there He lay alone
With very little left
And still no one else around
Then from the wilderness
That man, he heard a voice

Do not fear
For I am with you
The One with the strength
So you can live again
I will lift you up
Healing the broken
And the wounds
Only I can help you
Stand you right again
With my right hand
I am grace
I am love
And I am yours
If you take my hand

The man was in awe
Couldn’t believe his ears
The One he never believed in
Call Him out the wilderness
When all the world
Had failed him
The God of all
Had called Him out
To rise from the dust and dirt
To be lifted up
And counted once more
But counted no
As one upon this earth
But a child of the Father
The Father of them all
And back then the man
Wouldn’t have the strength
To write this down
And though time has passed
And many tears have fallen
The strength is still here
To write this down
To write it once more

Isaiah 41:10

Isaiah 41:10

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