A Mind In The Bottle – 1 Peter 1:13

A Mind In The Bottle – 1 Peter 1:13

Where was my mind
Of tortured torment and turmoil
Trying to find a way out
Searching for a reason
For being stuck in that bottle
Not wanting to return
Still one can only take so much
Before a heart and soul can break
Where no matter what the comfort zone
You still need a way to move on
But how and why
It’s so cosy there
Trapped inside that bottle
Where nothing makes much sense
Yet no one can reach you
You’ve shut out the ones you love
And the world outside doesn’t give two hoots
What was the point i n carrying on
You can cry all your tears
Blame the world for all you like
But the walls keep closing in
And the air within the bottle gets so very tight
But at the moment of the breaking
It takes all the strength you have
To turn oneself into a hypocrite
And cry out to the Lord
On someone come save me
Of this drowning I can take no more
Still no matter where you find yourself
The cries are answered by the Lord
He who breaks down all walls before Him
Rips apart the barriers we build
No one is beyond saving
Who cries out to our God
Now with a sober mindset
I can look back on those times
And in these words I’ve written here
You can clearly see where was my mind
But now it’s been set free by grace
Release to a world beyond the bottle
By the saviour who heard the cries
Of a s self tortured mind
So this mind now lives in the hope
To see the Christ at His returning

1 Peter 1:13

1 Peter 1:13

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