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It’s hard to actually pinpoint a precise moment at which my life stopped being good and descended into the dark pit that I found myself at the bottom of on Tuesday 13th March 2012.  It felt like the end of the line that night, I was face down on the floor in floods of tears threatening suicide and only five days later coming to close to committing suicide before waking up and making the decision to sort this out.

I’m a thirty nine year old, father of two, but I had spent the previous few years steadily sinking into depression and struggling with an alcohol addiction, to the point that it destroyed everything I had and almost destroyed me, but I’ve turned it around, I’ve stopped drinking and made some big changes in my life.

Six months later I found the inspiration to start this Blog and share the moments that pin point my fall and my recovery, in the hope that just one person will find some inspiration in my writing to turn around their own lifes.


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353 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Tom

    Thank you for stopping by following my blog. May The Lord Jesus Christ continue to be with you, guide you, bless you, make you more like Him, and keep you each and everyday.

  2. Crystal Ann

    Thanks for checking out my site! I like your blog, and will be exploring it more. It’s always an encouragement when someone shares from their heart and from their own experiences, and it looks like that’s what you do.
    Blessings to you!
    ~ Crystal

  3. milliethom

    Hello to you, too Wayne. I’m glad you’ve now found your way in life. You’re about the age of my three older children (41, 40 and 39) and you have a long life ahead of you. Keep focusing on the good things in your life and stay happy. Happy New Year to you.

  4. jritterbrunson

    Thank you for following my blog, jeanbrunson.com. You are brave to put your life out there for all to see. I applaud you for your courage and your sensitivity to the needs of others who are walking where you have walked and need to change the direction of their lives.

  5. Frecklesoul

    Thank you, for recent visit to my blog page. I am truly humble by the follow, and wanted to wish you continue blessings on the journey of sharing your unique gifts with the universe.

    With Love & Light

  6. Jason B. Ladd

    Thanks for following FIGHTER FAITH. I’m providing a free copy of my e-book Far Better Men to service members, veterans, and e-mail subcribers. Come on back if you’re interested in this free digital download and updates on my upcoming book One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview

  7. estelea

    Thanks a lot for the follow. You are doing great, and I’ll definitely visit your blog again to read more. Many Blessings to you, cheers to your new life!

  8. Kritika Vashist

    Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I haven’t yet read any of your poems, and I clicked on follow button, since the name of the blog and the reason you gave was painful yet quite beautiful. Bottom of a bottle! Amazing. I’ll look forward to read your posts. Cheers! 🙂

  9. The True Light!

    Just one more voice of encouragement here among many! Keep fighting, I too suffer “demons” and I suspect most all of us do. Find the courage to fight one day at a time, let tomorrow worry about itself…

    Thanks for the visit to my blog as well. If we can help you at all, let me know!


  10. cherylchristine11

    Looking forward to reading your blog. It’s great that you started it to help others. I lost my father about 10 years ago to alcohol and then a good friend in recent years to the same thing.

  11. simplycomplex

    From one Wayne to the other I’m proud you pulled yourself out of that pit and I’m looking forward to following your progress. Us Wayne’s need to stick together.

  12. ljaylj

    Because Christ God is always with us, you never have to walk far–just one step at a time. He will guide you in the Spirit. Stand strong. 😀

  13. stacey

    Hello Wayne!! Thank-you for dropping by and following staceyldehn.wordpress.com, our journey in Autism. I believe we have much in common. I am happy to read about your resolve for a better life. Keep pushing yourself…. you are doing quite well! You followed me and now I will be following you!!

  14. Pingback: The Starlight Blogger Award | Thoughts of SheryL

  15. Suzanne

    Thank you for following my blog and the Likes. I’m proud of you for turning your life around. Alcoholism is part of the reason I’m divorced now. My ex-partner is still drinking. I decided to stop playing my role as fixer.
    Good luck on your journey.

  16. Janna G. Noelle

    Hi Wayne. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I’m glad that you found the strength to start turning your life around. Writing is such a valuable part of any healing journey.

  17. KD Manes

    Hi Wayne, thanks for the follow. I’m glad it brought me here. Your blog is an inspiration. Praise God for His love and power in your life! Keep up the good fight and your inspiring posts! – KD

  18. moonskittles

    Happy to read you are ALIVE!! I too am 39 and mother of two 🙂 Will be looking forward to reading your testimony and more.

  19. Molly G

    Wayne, I am really enjoying your blog. your story is inspirational. It’s no doubt that God allowed you to have this certain story for the encouragement of others. Keep up the good work writing and praising God! You are so loved by Jesus!

  20. maria

    Hello! Thanks for following my blog. I’m glad you finally find a new reason to get back on your feet. Let’s enjoy blogosphere and continue inspiring each other. Smiles! 🙂

  21. mycreatorscreation

    Awesome blog….I’m so glad that you found the true answer to healing. I truly do believe that a life without God is hopeless and once we connect to Him, He lifts us up and gives us freedom. Thanks for the follow and I’m sure that you will be a big witness for God.

  22. Ashley L Jones

    Wayne – Thanks for stopping by BigSisterKnows.com recently – I’m so glad you did! I suffered from depression in my twenties, which was triggered by grief and illness. I’ve seen other blog sites devoted to this topic, but they seem to be mostly written by women. We all know that men deal with these issues, as well, so thank you for sharing your experiences and for offering encouragement to others. (Many times, the difficult stories are shared, but the role of faith in recovery is either glossed over or left out entirely.) May God continue to bless your life and help you to share your testimony effectively and for His grace.

    –Ashley Jones

  23. abeautifulmessonline

    Thanks for the follow. 🙂 I’m new-ish to this whole sobriety thing so it’s comforting to see things on the other side of addiction. I appreciate your honesty and look forward to reading more of your testimony. God bless!

  24. Hendrick

    Congrats on being published! just wanted to say congrats on your work! Hope you keep writing and sharing your work! Hope your 2018 has been well


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