My Poetry

For as long as I can remember words have just bounced around my mind, whilst I am walking, whilst waiting, whilst relaxing, but I never recorded anything.

Simple lines or sentences would form, I played with them in my head, but then moved on with life, they were gone, lost in the mists of my mind.

When I started with the idea to form this Blog, I found writing easy, articles wrote themselves as I retrieved the words from my memory, I found for the first time I enjoyed writing, I wanted to write and in doing so I wanted to write more and more.

Then I decided it was time to take these odd lines, to record them, then try to form a poem of some sort around them, on the 11th December 2012 I wrote my first poem since leaving school “Sparkles In The Frost”, the words came as I walked at 5.30am on the frosty pavements, I related them to bubbles catching the light in a glass bottle, the same bottle this blog refers to the one I’m climbing out of.

This was the first poem that wasn’t squeezed out of me by a teacher I couldn’t relate to, this time I was doing it for me.

Since then I’ve grabbed some notebooks and I just write, if a sentence erupts from my brain clouds like lightning, I write it down, on paper, on my phone, it doesn’t matter, I go with it now.

So here is a collection of my poems written since that day back in December, these are all the work of my own tiny fragile mind.

There are some works that I have written that are and forever will be only for those they were written for, some of those I don’t believe will be read by anyone but me, but I can only hope.

I have no problem with anyone reblogging or reproducing my work, providing they credit me for my work, I think that’s only fair.

So (hopefully) enjoy.


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