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Love / Hate – 1 John 3:15

Love / Hate – 1 John 3:15

Hate takes a person
Consumes the good within
To hate anyone
Is against the truth
To be a murderer
Within His eyes
Love, for that is why He came
Love, it’s the example He gave
Let hate play no part
In all that we are
And follow the Son in His ways

1 John 3:15
1 John 3:15

To Love – 1 John 3:15

To Love – 1 John 3:15

Do we not see
All those we call neighbours
No matter how near
Or indeed how far
Are we quick to hate
Those who come against
Those who don’t agree
And those who aren’t the same
For if we do not love
Our Lord sees only murderers
He calls us to love our neighbour
No matter how different they be
So look into your heart
And tell me you do not see
That they are all human
To be loved by you and me
Sometimes I know it’s hard
But remember in our sin
God still loved us so
To send His only Son
To show us what is love

1 John 3:15

1 John 3:15