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Are You Listening? – Acts 18:9

Are You Listening? – Acts 18:9

Are they listening?
God will speak to the unbelieving
I know
I heard
Thankful ever
I listened to His call
So open the mind
You may hear His voice
And should you chose to listen
You’ll find a life within Him
With all of it’s rewards
And the glory to come

Acts 18:9
Acts 18:9

Speak – Acts 18:9

Speak – Acts 18:9

And when the world turns against
Tries to shout down the words
When it won’t listen to the ways
The ways of our Lord
Then do not be silent
For do not be afraid
The Lord be with us
Just keep telling them of His ways
So speak and be heard
Tell of His great love
For there will come the day
They will finally hear

Acts 18:9

Acts 18:9

Never Let – Acts 18:9

Never Let – Acts 18:9

Never let them silence your tongue
Those who cannot see the Lord
Never let them tell you be quiet
Shout to the world of His love
Maybe they don’t want to hear these words
Yet they need to feel His love
So keep on spreading the truth of His words
Share your stories of the greatness of God
You have been delivered so let them know
So when the day comes they need a saviour
The words you say will remind them of His love

Acts 18:9

Acts 18:9