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Do I Hear? – Acts 9:10-11

Do I Hear? – Acts 9:10-11

If He speaks to me
Requests of me
Do I hear?

Between all my chaos
In this busy life
Do I respect?

Am I listening?
Only hearing my despair
In this lonely life of mine

Just who am I?
No longer to listen
To the One who changed my ways

How do I just take the time?
To search for His voice
To carry out His works

Acts 9:10-11

Acts 9:10-11

Where The Broken Dwell – Acts 9:10-11

Where The Broken Dwell – Acts 9:10-11

To follow the road
So straight
Or winding ways
Through empty lands
Spirit lead me there
To where the broken dwell
The lost are calling
Upon broken knee
For a hope
For a brighter day
I know they’ve heard stories
Seen a man with a box
On crowded street
Telling of a saviour
Yet they’ve still to see
A heart that was lost
in empty moments like theirs
They need to see
A heart that was dead
Now brought to life
By the power of the One
Who took to a cross
To release the lost
And lead them home
So send me there
Let me follow the road
The straight or winding
To where they are
Where the broken dwell
Let me show them a heart
One once so black
That beats again
From the Saviour’s blood
Let me show them life
Tell them of Your love
So lead me spirit
To follow the road
The straight and the winding
To where the broken dwell

Acts 9:10-11

Acts 9:10-11