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What Favour – Psalm 119:1-4

What Favour – Psalm 119:1-4

What favour did I earn
To be blessed in this way
To walk not alone
But side by side with the Lord

How could a broken man
Be blessed in such a way
No longer to be blamed
But loved so by his Lord

What can I do to repay
This blessed love I receive
Now I follow in the ways
Of the One I call my Lord

Psalm 119:1-4

Psalm 119:1-4

Blessed – Psalm 119:1-4

Blessed – Psalm 119:1-4

He set His words
In the heart of His children
To follow His ways
To obey His truth

He blesses those
That hold so true
That stay the path
And believe in Him

His words the guide
To a blessed life
There for all to follow
To even the lost

For those that seek
Will find the way
If they hold so true
He will bless them all

Psalm 119:1-4

Psalm 119:1-4



Precious are they
That have held my hand
That I’ve watch grow
From the time they came
And said hello to this world

Precious are the moments
I spend with them
As together we danced
Between the waves
And across the shifting sands

Precious are they
That the Lord has bless me with
The hearts I shower love upon
Under the protection
And guidance of our Lord

Precious are they
The lives the Lord has blessed us with

Fear No More

Fear No More (Isaiah 30:18)

From the shadows
Or the empty spaces
Fear no more
And lift your eyes
For our Lord awaits
With grace unending
To show you His great mercy
For He holds justice
For all of His children
And we are called blessed
All who await Him

Isaiah 30:18

Isaiah 30:18