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I am officially shattered this evening, it’s been a long, long weekend, it’s Sunday evening and I’ve just finished work at 8.15pm!!!!  On a Sunday!!!  Sunday’s are for Church then Karate, but work as well?

I could just close my eyes and sleep, if I wasn’t so hungry and still actually mentally buzzing!

Friday was a great night at Amplified once again, our youth ministry is growing each week, but for me it makes a long day, but I don’t mind.  I work from 7.30am to 4pm, then leave to teach karate from 4.30 to 6pm, then rush home change and out to Church until gone 10pm, a long, but extremely enjoyable day.

Yesterday was a crazy day too, I went for a 3 hour walk first thing, then at 10.30am went to Ursula’s for what I thought would be 3 or 4 hours of architectural work, wrong, eight hours later I walked home with a fried brain!!!!

So this morning another early start at Church to get the cameras set up, then filming the main service, Justin was preaching this week and boy did he cover every inch of the stage, he never stood still for too long, I had to concentrate so hard on the tiny viewing screen to follow him and keep in view, hard work, but I enjoy it, I actually enjoy the test, it helps me improve my camera work, especially with ECTV due to go live in two weeks.

A bit if lunch then off to karate for two and half hours of teaching, then leave there to go back to Ursula’s for another two and half hours staring at a computer screen, now I’m completely brain fried, but I’m not finished yet, I’m back there tomorrow night after work as well.

So now for tea and then, hopefully, a long and peaceful sleep!!!!

I heard this song on my iPod whilst walking yesterday, I’ve listened to it many times, but yesterday morning it really caught my attention, so I thought I would share it with you all.

When shadows turn to faces, and when faces take on names
When names tell us their stories, of their brokenness and pain
When love flows through the cities, through the grid of all the streets
Under bridges in the alleys, like blood through our veins

Love is real
Love will bleed
Love will heal
Love will need

When love is used like money, it turns into our greed
When love is more like water, then everyone will drink
So let it flow through all our cities, and flood them like the sea
Fill the souls that hunger, Lord give us what we need

Love change the world …
Love change the world …

You can see it when He walks around
You can feel it when He moves the ground
We’re all colored with a crimson stain
Can you see it now, can you see Him now

From the clouds to the world below
From the mountain to the city of gold
Love is coming like an urgent rain
Can you feel it now, can you feel Him now