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Verse of the Day – John 13:35

John 13:35

John 13:35

I am so thankful for having some great people of God’s kingdom around me, without their love to get this far would have been so much harder.

One man wakes, awakens another
Second one wakes his next door brother
Three awake can rouse a town
And turn the whole place upside down
Many awake will cause such a fuss
It finally awakes all of us
One man wakes with dawn in his eyes
Surely then it multiplies
Surely then it multiplies

Children Of God – 1 John 3:10

Children Of God – 1 John 3:10

Today I have found
The true children of God
All those who placed an arm upon me
As my tears fell to the floor
They brought God’s word to comfort me
I’ve made it through by their love
For a brother who struggled this day
Tomorrow I’ll rise and surely know
That those friends are all children of God

1 John 3:10

1 John 3:10

Servants Of Your House – Isaiah 61:1

Servants Of Your House – Isaiah 61:1

My Lord I thank You
For those whose wings
You place me beneath
The servants of Your house
Who proclaim Your good news
Whether they be friends
Who throw their arm around me
As I break and cry before them
Or those who are afar
People that I may never meet
But they read my words of pain
And send their prayers and their thoughts
For all of these I thank You so
For on this night they all help
To bind this breaking heart

Isaiah 61:1

Isaiah 61:1

Hold Within – James 5:14-15

Hold Within – James 5:14-15

In my solitude my voice is silent
My cries fall upon deaf walls
What I speak no soul hears
Still only One hear my deepest thoughts
He urges me to raise my voice
In the company of those of His Church
To share my fears and my pain with them
So by their collective prayer I can be healed
Yet my fear silences my voice
And I hold silent the pain deep inside
Still awaiting the day His voice has victory
And I finally share all that I hold within

James 5:14-15

James 5:14-15

His Family (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)

His Family (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)

We try to face this world alone
I know that I have tried
And the world witnessed me fall
Still the Lord brought me to a family
That stands beside me evermore
Now we work through life together
Beside each other as we face the world
And if one of us should fall
We have our holy family to help us rise
This is the glory of the Lord
The way His family works for each other
And we call to all those who are lost
Or alone in face this world just like I
That this could be their family
And in the Lord
No longer called lost anymore

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Where Would I Be Now (Hebrews 10:25)

Where Would I Be Now (Hebrews 10:25)

Where would I be now?
Without the arms that You led me to
Their words of encouragement
All formed within Your word
Become part of the foundations of my recovery
In my darkness they bring Your light
My tears they have wiped away
In the shadows they dare to reach
To bring me back into Your light
I thank You for this family
That have watched over me as I grow
All part of my recovery
And without them this I ask
Where would I be now?

Hebrews 10:25

Hebrews 10:25

My Awesome Day

I have to say that so far this has been the most awesome Easter Day ever, for me it feels like a day of total redemption.

This coming Tuesday I will be celebrating 4 years sober, which in its self is a massive achievement, that I am both proud of and thankful for the strength of God to make it through this far.

But it was the events that led up to that in the preceding weeks, that are first and foremost in my thoughts following the events of today. Eleven days before that last drink, I found myself wanting to end my own life, to give up on everything, I felt so worthless and was convinced that my family and Victoria would be better off without me. I stood facing the mirror with a knife against my wrist, going through all these thoughts of worthlessness.

Then out of nowhere I heard a voice that said “It’s better that your kids live with who you are now, than what they are going to find!”

I remember seeing a vision of myself dead in a bath of blood and knowing that my six year old daughter would have been the one to come looking and find me. After that I put down the knife.

That started the process of seeking help, praying and discovering God, becoming sober and starting to attend Church.

So today just over four years on from that day I had the amazing experience of Baptising my now 10 year old daughter. Eve asked to be baptised so Victoria asked if I could be in the pool and do the actual baptism, which I am thankful I was able to do.

It was an amazing experience and very emotional, afterwards so many people came up to say that they had shed a tear whilst watching. I am so thankful I got that chance to do this for my daughter, it was an amazing experience for her too. She recorded a testimony video which was shown on the screen, she stated she wanted to be baptised because she wanted to do something that Jesus had done!

Eve - waiting

Eve – waiting

Eve - baptised

Eve – baptised

For me this feels like I put aside some of my guilt, my torment of what I did and became, the pain of that day four years ago now seems so distant, as I say, it feels like total redemption. To be able to do this and on Easter Sunday, celebrating Christ’s sacrifice and rising from the dead, is so special.

To top it off, my Mum and Dad attended Church. My Dad is now recovering well from his heart bypass operation, he’s still not able to drive for a few weeks, so my friends from my Connect Group chipped in to collect them and take them home. My Dad stated that he usually only goes to Church for weddings, funerals etc, but I have a feeling that he actually enjoyed it, although I’m not sure he was quite ready for the way we do church, neither of them have ever been to a Church like ours before. Although I’ve got a feeling they will be back, they brought my niece too, who went into Kids Church, she absolutely loved it, so I’ve got a feeling she will want to come back too.

So roll on now Tuesday evening, I have arranged for a number of the guys from Church, who have been amazing supporters on my four year journey to join me for a meal in town to celebrate, it’s going to be a great evening, I can’t wait.

My life may not be perfect, but at the moment it feels amazing.

All because of the sacrifice of the one, the one who conquered death.

On a hill called Calvary
Stands an endless mercy tree
Every broke and weary soul
Find your rest and be made whole

Stripes of blood that stain its frame
Shed to wash away our shame
From the scars pure love released
Salvation brought the mercy tree

In the sky, between two thieves
Hung the blameless Prince of Peace
Bruised and battered, scarred and scorned
Sacred Hands pierced by our thorns

It is finished was his cry
The perfect Lamb was crucified
The sacrifice, our victory.
Our Savior chose the mercy tree

Hope went dark that violent day
The whole earth ‘quaked at love’s display
Three days silence in the ground
This body born for Heaven’s crown

On that bright and glorious day
Heaven opened up the grave
He’s alive and risen indeed
Praise him for the mercy tree

Death has died. Love has won!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Jesus Christ has overcome.
He has risen from the dead.

Death has died. Love has won!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Jesus Christ has overcome.
He has risen from the dead.

One day soon we’ll see His face
And every tear, He’ll wipe a way
No more pain or suffering
Oh, praise him for the mercy tree

Death has died. Love has won!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Jesus Christ has overcome.
He has risen from the dead.

Death has died. Love has won!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Jesus Christ has overcome.
He has risen from the dead.

On a hill called Calvary
Stands an endless mercy tree

His Family (Proverbs 11:14)

His Family (Proverbs 11:14)

My path is set before me
I follow that laid out by my Lord
Still at times when I try to follow
I find I stumble in my steps
Yet He’s brought me to His family
Who pick me up when I fall
A family full of guidance
And assurance of His word
In their company I feel safe
Just like when I’m in His arms
I’m so thankful to where He brought me
And the family that I found

Proverbs 11:14

Proverbs 11:14

Oncoming Storm

Oncoming Storm (Luke 8:24)

You showed me
The oncoming storm
I saw the signs
Yet I failed to believe

When the storm struck
I cried out Your name
No further could I go
Onto these knees I fell

Yet You picked me up
And walked beside me
As we stepped forth
The surrounding storm died

In the storm I let my faith slip
Though You held me firm
You never let go
And when the storm was over

We danced once again

Luke 8:24

Luke 8:24

Faithful People

Faithful People (Psalm 30:4-5)

Here I stand
With Your faithful people
Our voice full
Of our song of praise

All our sins
Were forgotten in a moment
In Your everlasting grace
So our worship we raise high

Each tear now fallen
Our nights fade with the light
Of the new day before us
As we rejoice in Your love

Psalm 30:4-5

Psalm 30:4-5